Frugivores & Seed Dispersal Symposium

Guidelines for posters

Rules for poster exhibition



1. Format - The available space for placing the banner is 0.90 x 2.20m. It must be made vertically with a maximum measurement of 0.90 x 1.30m, in printing paper or canvas, with a top rope to hang it from the structure (example below). The print will not be allowed to be glued, but must be hung from the hooks available at the top of the structure.


2. Title -  Must be the same used in the approved abstract and in capital letters (except species). Below the title, in smaller letters, should appear: names of the authors, laboratory/department, institution, city and state. The name of the presenting author should be underlined.


3. Poster content -  Care should be taken to distribute text and illustrations (figures, graphs and/or tables) in such a way that the paper can be read from a distance of 1 meter and is well organized (besides being attractive to other participants, we want you to have a good reception). Do not include your own abstract in the poster! The introduction should go straight to the subject of the paper. Use figures and tables for methodology. We suggest that the results and conclusions be in the form of items, to facilitate the reading and evaluation of the poster. Include photo in the upper right corner and inform presenter's degree level.

Graphic material for the event can me found at:


4. Language - The official language of the event is English.


5. Presentation -  The presence of the author (or co-authors) of the work during the entire presentation period is mandatory. The papers will be checked by the organizing committee and those without a responsible person present will not receive a presentation certificate.


6. Poster area - The structures will be numbered in ascending order. The person responsible for exposing the work should attach it during the day August 05, on the screen corresponding to the number of your abstract that will be available on the site. 


7. Certificate - The poster presentation certificate will be available in the Congressman's Area of the responsible for the submission, in the event's website, showing the title of the work and the name of all the authors.



* In Ilhéus we have some printers that work with poster printing, check them out below!

** don't leave the printing to the last minute, the suppliers need some days for production!


Questions/suggestions: contact us through the Organizing Company!


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