Frugivores & Seed Dispersal Symposium


We invite proposals for symposia for FSD 2024 to be held at Ilheus BA, Brazil, from 4–8th August 2024.

All symposia should address a theme related to frugivores and seed dispersal. Proposals that address the meeting theme,  Frugivores and Seed Dispersal: Unifying ecology, evolution and conservation in a human-modified world are particularly encouraged.

All abstracts must be submitted directly on the event website, acess by clicking HERE!


Talks within symposia will be 15 minutes long, with 3 minutes of question time. Symposia can run over 1-1.5 h, encompassing 4-6 talks.

Talks in approved symposia needs to be submitted here


●      05/12/2023: First call for Symposia proposals

●      30 January : Deadline for submission of proposals

●      10 February 2024: Notification of decision on Symposia

●      30 March 2024: Closing abstract submission


Symposium submission format

All symposium proposals must be submitted through our online system, and must include:

1.    Symposium title

2.   Lead organizer (name, affiliation, email address)

3.   Co-organizers, if any, to a maximum of 2 (names, affiliation, email addresses)

4.   Potential speakers (name, institutional affiliation, address, email, and tentative talk titles)

5.   Description (up to 400 words) – must clearly summarize the background, scope, goals or objectives of the symposium


 Evaluation process and criteria

All proposals will be peer-reviewed and ranked by members of the FSD 2024 Scientific Committee.

Symposium proposals will be assessed using the following criteria:

●      Scientific merit: likelihood of advancing our understanding of seed dispersal, or using innovative or interdisciplinary approaches.

●      Broad impact: integration of science with conservation issues, policy and outreach.

●      Appeal to a broad audience

●      Structure and organization that will provide synthesis or wide perspectives.

●      Speaker line-up: invited speakers are a mix of well-established and younger scientists, all of whom make a novel contribution to the theme.

●      Diversity among speakers.

Symposium organizers are responsible for making sure that all abstracts by symposium participants are received by the deadline 15 March 2024.


Confirmation of session

If your proposal is accepted, you will be responsible for ensuring that your symposium is organized as proposed, and should be willing to accommodate requests for adjustments from the FSD 2024 Scientific Committee.

The FSD 2024 Scientific Committee reserves the right to cancel a symposium if less than 50% of the speakers have not registered by 30 Abril 2024, and will then re-assign speakers to general oral sessions or other symposia.

Symposium organizers will be informed of the time and date of their symposium by 01 June  2024, and they are expected to communicate this to individual speakers in their session.


Cancellation policy

Please submit a symposium proposal only if you are sure to attend the meeting and are willing to fulfil your responsibility as a symposium organizer. A principal symposium organizer, in case of unavoidable circumstances, may be replaced by the symposium co-organizer or by another colleague.

FSD 2024 cannot provide financial assistance, stipends or free registrations to individual speakers. Symposia organizers must notify this clearly when they invite speakers. Individual symposium organizers are responsible for identifying funding sources for the speakers in their sessions if necessary.

Under unavoidable circumstances in which a speaker must cancel, the speaker should immediately notify the symposium session organizer, whose duty is to identify a replacement speaker. The name of the replacement speaker must be notified to the Program Chair as soon as possible, even if it is the day before the session.